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Altico White Paper and 2014 Calendar:
From New Year's Resolutions to Year End Goals
with Microsoft Dynamics and Altico Advisors

Friday Funday: Happy Halloween? 

If you really, truly want to know the meaning and the origins of All Hallow's Eve, from a Christian perspective or a Celtic harvest festival perspective, you can check if out on Wikipedia. Of cou... continue reading »

Dynamics GP Tech Tip: Copy and paste from Excel to Management Reporter 

Out in the field, it's interesting. We, the professional services team, know so much about Microsoft Dynamics GP that we can fall prey to assuming that our clients know the same GP tips and ... continue reading »

Opportunity to network with local NetSuite users and professionals 

Altico Advisors is a proud sponsor of the Boston NetSuite User Group (BNSUG), Boston's only NetSuite user group. They are devoted to educate and support users of NetSuite by providing forums... continue reading »

The Mobile App for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 - The devil is in the details 

I found this great blog post about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 mobile app on the West Monroe Partners blog. The author, Brad Jones, called it Microsoft Dynamics Mobile App (MoCA) – A CR... continue reading »

Big and Small Pharma enter the race to create an Ebola vaccine 

While it has recently dominated news headlines and reports throughout the world, Ebola is not new. The first cases were identified in Zaire (now called the Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1976, ... continue reading »

Amazing! Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365 & Power BI...all for $65 

This is totally amazing! Microsoft has just announced new pricing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. For $65 per user per month, your company gets not just Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, but also Offi... continue reading »

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