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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 - A bundle of joy arriving in December! 

New releases are always exciting, at least for me as a power user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and I hope for you, too. Blog posts abound citing the new functionality that's going to be available. And i... continue reading »

Tax Exempt Sales – Read these “rules of the road”  

Think that just because you’re not a retailer you don’t owe sales tax? Think again. More and more traditionally non-taxable transactions are being taxed all over the US. This directly... continue reading »

Friday Funday: The power of positive thinking 

I'm not into the power of crystals or amulets. But if you've read many of my previous blogs, you might know that I am a "glass half full" kind of person. Whether or not that means I believe in the pow... continue reading »

Dynamics GP Tech Tip: Running Fixed Assets reports for a specific point in time 

Here's a quick tip! Hope those of you who are running the Fixed Assets module in Microsoft Dynamics GP will find this useful.   In past versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP you cou... continue reading »

NetSuite Tech Tip: Year-End Close Is Coming! Ready?? 

New England has already seen snow so finance folks must know it’s the season for year-end closing.  End of year is a great time to look back and look forward. There are also many detai... continue reading »

Case Study: Bringing Systems Together 

Whether you find yourself traveling, staying put or even caught in an apple pie baking frenzy, late November is often recognized as a time to come together. For the past ten months Altico has posted a... continue reading »

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