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Altico White Paper and 2014 Calendar:
From New Year's Resolutions to Year End Goals
with Microsoft Dynamics and Altico Advisors

Sales Tax: More Than Just a Rate 

Guest post by our friends at Avalara If you asked your coworkers what they thought about sales tax, most employees will say, “What’s the big deal? I just need a rate.” If you aske... continue reading »

Friday Funday: 1900s bathing attire, may you R.I.P. 

Not only is it Friday, but it's the Friday before what is for many a 3-day weekend. Because, yes, Monday is Labor Day. A day that seems to mark the end of summer, even though Fall doesn't officially b... continue reading »

Altico's detailed Project Status Reports - That's how we deliver on time and on budget 

The Altico Advisors tag line is: Proven Methods. Real Results. Why is that important to our clients? Well, at the risk of repeating myself, it means that we actually have proven methods that deliver r... continue reading »

What role will Amazon, Google, and Apple play in the healthcare and medical device sectors? 

You might wonder why I'm even asking that question? And at first I wondered the same thing when I saw a snippet of news on this topic. But I was intrigued and I delved a bit further into the question ... continue reading »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is Totally Awesome - The stats are proof positive 

Personally, I don't need the stats to know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is totally awesome because here at Altico Advisors, we ALL live and breathe in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It's the core applica... continue reading »

Time-Saving Tech Tip: Sorting lookups in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 

A new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 reduces the number of clicks it takes to get your work done. Users have the ability to choose SmartList Favorites within lookups and select to save th... continue reading »

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