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Wholesale Distribution Supply Chain & Logistics Wrap Up - Good and Plenty 

The date is March 31st. What that means to me is the end of a month where I've blogged almost exclusively about wholesale distribution, supply chain and logistics. Having established a monthly content... continue reading »

Millennials and women in supply chain 

Of course, the two overlap. There are women who are millennials and millennials who are women. Circular logic? So when we look at the statistics for women in supply chain or the studies about the... continue reading »

Meet the Altico Advisors Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and NetSuite teams 

We couldn't fit everyone into a short video, so actually you'll just be meeting a sampling of our team members, from executives to the folks who implement and support the Microsoft Dynamics GP, Micros... continue reading »

SLAs and VSM for 3PLs and C-3PO: The Acronym Jungle 

Just kidding! C-3PO, whom most of you know is a humanoid robot character from the Star Wars films, has absolutely nothing to do with today's blog post about SLAs and VSM for 3PLs. Mainl... continue reading »

Supply Chain Infographic and UPS Study on Industrial Supplier Behavior 

There's a lot of great research being conducted by experts in the fields of supply chain, logistics, and supplier purchasing behavior. When you take a look at the two items I've chosen to share with y... continue reading »

When sales and marketing get married, it's better for your business 

Some things just work better together, like a canvas and paint, a baseball and a glove, a plug and a socket, a cup of hot water and a tea bag. But what about sales and marketing? Well, the truth is th... continue reading »

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