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Altico White Paper and 2014 Calendar:
From New Year's Resolutions to Year End Goals
with Microsoft Dynamics and Altico Advisors

Why Manual Tax Compliance is Like Buying a Used Car 

Have you ever bought a used car, only to have it turn out to be a money pit? Maybe you got a great deal that couldn’t be passed up. Sure – it needed a new starter and a few other things th... continue reading »

Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud - Try it before you buy it 

Purchasing a new, fully integrated  business management software system is a mission critical decision. Not to be taken lightly. At Altico Advisors we understand that. We know that sometimes... continue reading »

Friday Funday: The Acronym Jungle 

Here in technology land, specifically the land of business software systems, we bandy acronyms about secure in the knowledge that everyone knows what we're talking about. But wait! Is it possible that... continue reading »

TinderBox Extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Sales Automation 

If you're currently running Microsoft Dynamics CRM and you want to add more power to the sales automation functionality of your system, TinderBox is the tool you're looking for. There has thus far bee... continue reading »

Kurgo Products + Altico Advisors + NetSuite = A match made in heaven 

Allow me to introduce Kurgo Products, a family owned business that grew from a need into an idea into a thriving business, and a unique one at that. Here's their story: "The idea for Kurgo was formed... continue reading »

IoT Factoids: There are more internet-connected "things" than people on this earth 

In the title of this article I used the acronym IoT, which stands for the Internet of Things. A great deal has been written about this term. IoT was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton – a co-founder... continue reading »

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