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Top Concerns for CIOs in 2016 - Shadow IT and Data Loss 

CIOs have a lot to worry about these days as employees bring their own devices into the workplace and potentially, even unknowingly, make their companies more vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are two great newsletters that address these issues and that I therefore recommend to CIOs to keep abreast of the latest developments that might impact them. One is InformationWeek's DARK Reading Daily ( and other is CloudTweaks (

For example, today's issue of DARK Reading contains articles on "The Power of Prevention: What SMBs Need to Know About Cybersecurity" and "The Programming Languages That Spawn The Most Software Vulnerabilities". While today's CloudTweaks issue has a very revealing article on the growing concern about "Shadow IT," which the author, Sarah Green, defines as building internal IT systems without the official organizational approval.

I would be remiss if I did not mention again that Sikich has a division enitrely devoted to Security & Compliance, where some of the country's best cybersecurity experts focus on information security consulting, fraud management, risk mitigation and vulnerability detection and prevention.

Whatever ERP and CRM solutions you're running, security is sure to be an issue you'll be focusing on in 2016. To find out more, here's how you can reach your local Sikich Boston area office, where we focus on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and NetSuite ERP & CRM:

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