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Top Concerns for CFOs in 2016 

A recent article by Vincent Ryan that appeared in CFO.com outlines the results of a study by consulting group Protiviti on the top concerns of CFOs for the coming year. Margins and earnings performance ranked number one, closely followed by cybersecurity risks, strategic planning, periodic forecasting and budgeting.

Based on our own decades of experience, working with CFOs on a daily basis as we assist in the selection and implementation of accounting and ERP systems, I can tell you that margins and earnings performance are a long recurring concern. But it's only more recently that we've been hearing CFOs discussing cybersecurity, which in the past has been the bailiwick of their IT colleagues. Fortunately, we can help because Sikich's Security & Compliance practice (formerly 403 Labs) is dedicated to assisting our clients with information security consulting, fraud management, risk mitigation and vulnerability detection and prevention. Our experts specialize in performing compliance audits, penetration tests, computer security assessments and computer forensic investigations.

We handle anything having to do with security or protecting data, including credit card data (PCI DSS), patient data (HIPAA), bank account numbers (GLBA), service provider reviews (SOC 1/2/3), or intellectual property.

And, when it comes to budgeting and forecasting, we offer our clients a world-class solution through our Adaptive Insights practice area.

So if you're a finance professional looking for answers to your questions about cybersecurity or budgeting and forecasting, we have the answers. Here's how to reach us...

Call us at 508-485-5588
Visit us at www.AlticoAdvisors.com
Or contact us online, any time from anywhere at www.AlticoAdvisors.com/Contact