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The Lobster Gram Story - Client video testifies to success 

The story began in 1987 with a 2-car garage that served as the Lobster Gram warehouse and world headquarters. Back then, they could ship 30-40 packages a day. Today they have 22,000 square f... continue reading »

Global Industry Director of Manufacturing for Microsoft Business Solutions Discusses Trends in Manufacturing (Video)  

This video interview was just posted yesterday on Manufacturing.NET. I viewed it and thought it contained from great insights that I wanted to share with you, our readers. The Interview was conducted ... continue reading »

Why are industrial real estate rental rates rising? 

Sometimes I'm good at putting 2 + 2 together. Sometimes, not so good. I guess I just didn't think about all of the areas that would be affected by the well-documented rise in e-Commerce. I tho... continue reading »

Good news for U.S. distributors and manufacturers 

And it's about time! I think the manufacturing sector has seen an even slower recovery than the distribution sector. But let's face it, a lot of businesses have been struggling. So when I bump... continue reading »

Friday Funday: Books, Puzzles, Infographics - NOT for geeks only 

It's been a while since I've written a Friday Funday blog. Guess I've been heads down on more serious stuff. But you know what they about all work and no play. I enjoyed a couple of a... continue reading »

Wholesale Distribution Supply Chain & Logistics Wrap Up - Good and Plenty 

The date is March 31st. What that means to me is the end of a month where I've blogged almost exclusively about wholesale distribution, supply chain and logistics. Having established a monthly content... continue reading »

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