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Postmodern ERP? Are you curious? Read on... 

At first, when I saw the title of this article in NetSuite Magazine, I thought that we (some collective we the members of which are unknown to me) seem to be over using terms that start... continue reading »

Customers have great expectations! That's why you need Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

When I say that customers have great expectations, that's a nice way of saying the today's customers are very demanding. Without the very best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, th... continue reading »

Sales Managers Love NetSuite - Watch our video to find out why 

Sales managers love NetSuite and for good reason. NetSuite CRM turns their sales strategy into action by providing real-time customer sales information as well as total visibility into orders, invento... continue reading »

NetSuite Client Video - Straight talk from a happy user 

There's nothing better than a happy client's video testimonial. Take a few minutes to listen to what Andy Herlihy, Executive Director at the Community Boating Center, has to say about his... continue reading »

Global Industry Director of Manufacturing for Microsoft Business Solutions Discusses Trends in Manufacturing (Video)  

This video interview was just posted yesterday on Manufacturing.NET. I viewed it and thought it contained from great insights that I wanted to share with you, our readers. The Interview was conducted ... continue reading »

White Paper White Sale - ERP, CRM, Cloud 

We have so many terrific white papers on topics ranging from Accounting Software and ERP to CRM and the Cloud. And we give them all away free, meaning that you don't have to fill out a form to dow... continue reading »

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