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Postmodern ERP? Are you curious? Read on... 

At first, when I saw the title of this article in NetSuite Magazine, I thought that we (some collective we the members of which are unknown to me) seem to be over using terms that start... continue reading »

It's time for YOUR company to have the #1 Cloud Business Software Suite 

It's a dog eat dog world. The competitive landscape is chellenging to say the least. So what should you be doing about that? You need to spend money to make money. There isn't an economist in ... continue reading »

Sales Managers Love NetSuite - Watch our video to find out why 

Sales managers love NetSuite and for good reason. NetSuite CRM turns their sales strategy into action by providing real-time customer sales information as well as total visibility into orders, invento... continue reading »

CFOs Love NetSuite - Watch Our Video to Find out Why  

It's all about the ease of doing business, and that's true not just for CFOs, but controllers, CIOs, COOs, CEOs, sales and marketing executives...No matter what your title, in this fast moving... continue reading »

What's it going to cost you to move up to Microsoft Dynamics GP? 

There's one incredibly easy way to get a ballpark number. It's called the Microsoft Dynamics GP Quick Quote tool. You don't need to talk to a sales guy. You don't need to scour the Int... continue reading »

CFOs Need Data, Too! 

After reading the title of this blog post, you're probably scratching your head and saying: "Of course CFOs need data. Financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting are part of their job.&qu... continue reading »