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[Video] Transform Your Operations and Create More Value for Your Company 

How are you adding value to your company? Watch the below video to learn how you can add value, shorten your planning cycle and have continual insights into your company. To learn more about ... continue reading »

How can EDI help Supply Chain Visibility (SCV)? 

Supply chain visibility (SCV) can be defined as the ability to track goods or services in transit from the manufacturer/service provider to their final destination, usually the end consumer. The goal ... continue reading »

Infographic: The Evolution of the CEO 

The role of the CFO in today's digital age is constantly evolving. The infographic below created by Adaptive Insights, the worldwide leader in corporate performance management (CPM) and business ... continue reading »

In the Game of Sales and Marketing: You Win Some. You Lose Some 

Yes it’s true. Sometimes the cards are in your favor and sometimes they are not: you win some and you lose some. In the game of sales and marketing, the cards are definitely not in your favor w... continue reading »

Improve team collaboration with the rule of three 

From fairy tales to the most influential speakers to comedians you often see the rule of three; which has been made famous by the saying “good things come in threes”. Altico Advisors has j... continue reading »

Opportunity to network with local NetSuite users and professionals 

If you are a Boston area NetSuite user or professional looking to meet other NetSuite users to learn more about how NetSuite powers other local companies to succeed and grow, the Boston NetSuite ... continue reading »

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